Friday, June 12, 2015

Detoxin' Update

It's been tough and I haven't been perfect. There have been a few days where I veered off a little from the alkalizing cleanse and had a bit of wheat and chocolate. However, I haven't dipped my toe in either coffee or alcohol and I'm proud of that. 

I've noticed a few changes since starting the cleanse, both good and bad. I've had such great sleep, really heavy. I've always slept well, but I'm a light sleeper and nowadays I'm dead to the world. A few days ago I noticed my digestion was improving and I was "going" more consistently, which is fabulous and really important with cleansing. I also noticed tiny bumps on my chest and back and according to this website, this type of acne can be related to your digestion. So perhaps this detox is really cleansing my digestive organs and the result is a little acne. Not bad!

When I started the cleanse my eczema was already flaring, but then it got worse. I wondered if this could be related to the detox? My cousin, who suffers from rheumatoid arthritis, recommended I see her holistic doctor Dr. Salzarulo and he made this video about eczema. He explains that eczema is the result of the body detoxing through the skin and I found that reassuring to hear. I'm going to see Dr. Salzarulo in a few weeks when I'm NYC and I'm very excited. 

So there you have it and I'll do another post when I've finished. Only 12 more days to go!

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